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All Seasonz’ serves up flavorful dishes with friendly customer service. Using items from local businesses and Farmer’s Markets – this restaurant is a favorite among local diners.

“I followed my Mom and Grandma around in the kitchen since I was five years old,” confessed Chef and owner Jason Taylor. “You need a passion for food. There is a difference in cooking to make money and cooking because you love it!”

Chef Jay Jay realized that he needed not only the passion but also the techniques to insure a great dining experience and graduated from Culinary Art School – Art Institute of Novi to further his dreams of having his own eatery. All Seasonz Café reflects this diversity of training by having a variety of dishes offered – each season would reflect a different flavor. The current menu boasts of grilled chicken, turkey burgers, Tilapia and Turkey Chops – all prepared in special marinades and sauces. “I guarantee that you will like these entrees,” stated Taylor.

People have enjoyed the variety of dishes and they keep coming back for more. Chef Jay Jay makes every thing from scratch – even the salad dressings. No commercial items are used here, it’s all home cooking. At All Seasonz it’s either all natural or not offered here!

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